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Sister Sin


Sayreville, NJ.

November 2, 2008


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Well the night was young and the show we’ve been waiting for has finally made its way to the USA with the debut appearance of Sweden’s SISTER SIN. SISTER SIN was named one of the best new bands on our site last year and it was exciting to finally catch up with them on their first US tour at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ.

Starland is a good venue but to say the least the security staff entering were not the most pleasant. Now on the other hand on the way out they couldn’t haveLiv been any nicer. After being frisked by Anthony, Yes, I asked his name which he really didn’t want to give up. I figure if he is going to touch my body at least I want to know his name. Anyway that’s their job and I guess being an asshole at times it has to be. Anyway I was there and nothing was going to stop me from seeing SISTER SIN. There are many bands coming out of Sweden, Finland and other European countries I would love to see but with seeing SISTER SIN I hope this is a start for others to come to the US.

I would say the bill had maybe eight bands playing that night and to tell you the truth this wasn’t the right one for SISTER SIN but I congratulate them for trying to win over a crowd of Hardcore growling rockers, which they did. I saw manyChris buying their CD and merch at their booth, so they made an impact on new fans in New Jersey.

SISTER SIN started their set at 7:15 with a fairly big crowd right up in front. They opened with “Beat The Street” and the place was rocking. I saw many fans focused on Liv’s sexy outfit but the music overruled as fans were screaming up front. SISTER SIN were non-stop running front side to side of the stage as I saw many heads slamming to their tunes. “Breaking the Ground” was up next followed by “One Out Of Ten”. The band were really on their game as they won over the crowd from their first note. I was on the side of bass guitarist Chris and he gave it his all with flipping guitar and all the right moves. Chris was the true showman as photographers snapped away. My sidekick and beautiful wife Stephanie was on stage left where she rocked out with lead guitarist Jimmy. Jimmy is another “pose monster” that stirred the boiling pot of hardcore fans that he devoured widaveth his poses.

Next up was my favorite tune “On Parole” and I can tell you one thing, I did not get one good photo during that song because I was going nuts. This is truly a fantastic tune and no matter what genre of music you like you will be possessed by this tune. “Make My Day” and then “Death Will Greet Us” were up next; song after song I could see fans with their eyes glued to front-woman Liv dropping to her knees singing to the crowd. The energy of the band was at a high level and New Jersey fans are not the easiest crowd to overcome but SISTER SIN did just that. I will tell you Victory Records made the right move by signing SISTER SIN now all they have to do is sign a few more bands like SISTER SIN and you would have a great killer line-up and tour. Ending the night was “Love/Hate” off their new debut release on Victory called “Switchblade Serenade”. This was a great night to see music fans hear a band not of the hardcore metal genre and enjoy it. And the fans were delighted as the merch table was mobbed.

We had a chance to talk with the band for about an hour and they were so happy being able to play in the US and very thankful to JimmyVictory Records for putting this all together. Liv mentioned it’s not easy wining over a crowd of growling bands but never the less we are winning over fans. She also mentioned the band is having so much fun on this tour and getting to see the US and their fans. It’s like a dream come true and she didn’t want the tour to stop. She did mention the last US show was in LA and she was excited and also a bit depressed. She was excited that she will get to see LA and the Key Club, but the depressing part is that’s the last day of the US tour and she did want to go back to her day job. Not only did SISTER SIN make an impact on old and new fans; they treated our staff with high respect, thanking us many times. It’s us who should be thanking them for finally coming to the US and the East Coast. The band ended its evening by giving us a pair of Dave’s drumsticks he used at Starland, autographed by the whole band, and two-autographed posters. We would like to thank Liv, Chris, Dave, Jimmy and Matt for showing the NJ crowd some true rock music! Brian / Stephanie

BAND LINE-UP: Sister Sin Line-up:
  • Dave: Drums
  • Liv: Vocals
  • Chris: Bass
  • Jimmy: Guitar

  • Sister Sin SETLIST:
  • IBeat The Street
  • Breaking New Ground
  • One Out Of Ten
  • On Parole
  • Death Will Greet us
  • Love/Hate

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