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Bang Camaro
Bang Camaro
Bang Camaro
Black Sword Records
Brian Rademacher
4.5 stars

Check this, check this, take JUDAS PRIEST, KISS, QUEEN, IRON MAIDEN, DANGER DANGER, DEF LEPPARD mix them all up and what do you get? Give it up for BANG CAMARO!!! Who!? BANG CAMARO. Yeah, BANG CAMARO the band that has twenty-two members with sixteen lead vocalists. Come on, who you kidding the only band that can do something like that was Hearin’ Aid - circa 1986.

No, no true BANG CAMARO has the vibe of 80’s rock with slashing guitar riffs and a kick ass team of vocalist and bashing drum master behind the kit. They also possess four guitars Alex Necochea, Bryn Bennett, Dave Riley, Maclaine Diemer, that have no boundaries as they slice the strings with amazement. I thought to myself this might be some kind of joke, JOKE?! Wake the fuck up this is the 20th century you don’t even need a cord anymore to make a phone call, and when is the last time you got a hand written letter (ha that’s over too).

These guys are unbelievable, streaming some of the best metal with an outcast of top-notch vocalists. You don’t think I’m going to name them all do you? Better check the liner notes instead. You will get to listen to twelve tracks of pure class that has essences of PINK FLOYD to ACE FREHLEY. The opening track “Push, Push (Lady Lightning)” has you excited right off the bat as you will sing along from the first note. You don’t need any aerobics with these boys your leg will be hurting enough by the end of the CD, also a great CD during sex no Viagra needed, especially with “Push Push.”

“Swallow The Razor” is a take off of JUDAS PRIEST’s “Hell Bent for Leather” that is so cool you gotta pump this one up. Next up “Pleasure (Pleasure)” a DEF LEPPARD style tune with guitars blazing, what a killer track!!!

“Gates of Love” might be my favorite track, great riffs that sets fire to the disc. The harmonies are incredible as they shift into high gear sounding like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The drum work by Peter McCarthy is outstanding with an Alex Van Halen hard edge. If you’re looking for some melodic guitar take a listen to “The Ballad” that will do the trick.

“Out On The Streets” more cow bells please, you’ll understand. The song has a hard driving KISS vibe with an uplifting chorus that bellows stardom. Something to really slow things down is “You Know I Like My Band” funny shit there. But some class act acoustic guitar work. Jump right back at yeah bringing up the rear not letting a moment sleep BANG CAMARO hits you with an AC/DC vibe of “Whole Lotta Rosie”.

“Rock of Mages” is another great tune and it’s hard to believe that all the vocalists can keep time together but they are extreme and high voltage is like a tinker toy to them as they explode. Killer tune!

Nearing the end of an amazing CD that spun my head like in The Exorcist, I lapped up every minute of a phenomenal array of talented tracks. One thing I was just thinking about was when these guys play a show it must be an instant sellout with just the guest list and friends, second how do you pay twenty-two members, lightning and techs. On the next CD how do they write a book of who to thank. How do they keep egos in check and who takes the lead role.

Good luck guys, everyone should pick this gem up for not only the great tunes, but also this way they can feed the band.

Some info I track down on BANG CAMARO below:

Graeme Hall, Nick Given & Steve Trombley are members of Boston-based rock band The VERSHOK Maclaine Diemer is a co-host of the podcast from called Audiocrush. Richie Hoss & Rodrigo Van Stoli are members of Boston-based rock band NOBLE ROT.

The song "Push Push (Lady Lightning)" appears in a Lugz Commercial.

The song "Push Push (Lady Lightning)" was playing during the MTV Movie Awards during the award for "Best Kiss"

The song "Rock of Mages" appears on the PC game Titan Quest when the game is completed. It's based off of the main theme to Titan Quest, a game on which Bryn was the Lead Game programmer.

BANG CAMARO recently played with OCC. In New York City, BANG CAMARO was joined on stage by comedian Jimmy Fallon. After performing "Swallow the Razor" with the band. The band is also greatly known for their cooperation with Harmonix Music Systems, the developers of hit music video games such as the Guitar Hero series and Rock Band - The Company has featured several of BANG CAMARO's songs in their games. ("Push Push (Lady Lightning)" as a bonus track in Guitar Hero II for PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360, "Nightlife Commando" in Phase for the iPod, "Pleasure (Pleasure)" as a bonus track in Rock Band for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2, and "Rock Rebellion" for the same game, though exclusive to the 360, only available through the use of a free bonus disc that is included in the February 2008 issue of the Official Xbox Magazine.

Band Lineup:
  • Alex Necochea - Guitars
  • Bryn Bennett - Guitars
  • Dave Riley - Bass
  • Maclaine Diemer - Guitars, Keyboards
  • Peter McCarthy - Drums
  • Rodrigo Van Stoli, Nate Wells, Morgan Brown,
  • Nick Given, Richie Hoss, Glen Fant, James Fant,
  • Graeme Hall, J. David Nugent, Steve Trombley
  • Jay Clifford, Mike McKay, Mike Soltoff, Zach Given
  • Jake Given - Vocals


Track Listing:
  1. Push Push Lady Lightning
  2. Swallow The Razor
  3. Pleasure (Pleasure)
  4. Gates of Love
  5. The Ballad
  6. Out On The Streets
  7. You Know I Like My Band
  8. F.Y.T.F.O.
  9. Nightlife Commando
  10. Rock of Mages
  11. Rock Rebellion
  12. Bang Camaro


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