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Save Me From Myself
5.0 stars

Upon receiving the new debut CD from Brian Head Welch (formerly of KORN) titled“Save Me From Myself”I didn’t know what I should be expecting, a head trip, a psychotic depressive massively over-produced piece of crap... I wasn’t sure. I mean I heard the music of KORN and wasn’t a big fan but I did like them and Welch was one of the reasons. Anyway, not to get overly dramatic but I really wasn’t sure what Head could bring to the table. But for Welch a CD that took almost two years in the making it sure could be a classic.

Just one other point, I do believe in God and I do believe there is a higher power but I totally agree with Head with his belief that organized religion is not a good thing.

Well here, it goes “L.O.V.E” starts it off with a bombardment of power with riveting guitar riffs as Head’s trance like vocals sends you to another dimension. Head’s music is eerie yet conveys an aura of spiritualism. You can actually feel a vibe of excitement as Head slams the strings while the music is being lifted to the heavens... tremendous opening track!

Listening to the lyrics is a must on this release, it’s like Head being John seeing the destruction and despair of the world and it’s people and just stating facts that others don’t have the balls to do so. Some of the songs are to the point others have a hidden meaning, but for sure this is a true masterpiece in the making.

The next tune that sets you in a tailspin is “Home.” The track has the flare of QUEENSRYCHE and jolts the sense of a child. Mentioning you’re on the wrong side of the tracks and even quoting do you think you’ll reach the people like Martin Luther King did. The lyrics are chilling; stating it’s time to come home playtime is over now, even when your down, his hand is out to you, come home. F**king amazing!

Touching start to the next track is Welch’s daughter Jenna singing “twinkle, twinkle”, as an intro to one of my favorite tracks and the title song “Save Me From Myself”. This could be one of the best tracks I’ve heard this year. Head gives his heart and soul screaming to God for help. Not only the lyrics and the music but Head’s emotions come through loud and clear. The song has great hooks and is musically genius. Another thing that stands out that I haven’t noticed on many releases is the pummeling drums by Josh Fresse and bass of Tony Levin and Trevor Dunn truly hardcore. The song is about cocaine addiction and there’s no getting away from the demons of hell until you repent and ask the Lord for help.” I am just killing myself and there’s no stopping without you in my life. I wake up and every minute of my life is being a coke addict, I’m depressed, I want to commit suicide, I cry to You Father and I thank you for saving me, God you saved me from myself with my believing in You”.

“Die Religion Die” definitely has the KORN influence as Head masters the screams and lyrics and this song needs to be hardcore to get the point across. “Church and religion are the false prophets, the almighty buck turns heads and makes a mockery of God, it steers the children down the wrong path and it is not the Word of God. The re-written Word of the Lord has been adorned with profitable gain and not the true Word of the Messiah. You put yourself above My Word and it’s time for religion to die.” This is not the case with all but many!

Another track that has substance is “Money,” which states the truth of so many cases, even at my day job; these lyrics are so, so true. The mighty buck overrides family, friends and children. It totally disgusts me how ignorant people who love the mighty buck more than family. I know you need money to survive but to be overruled by $$ is disgraceful. All you are is a piece of shit and shit green as you get down on your knees and pray to the buck. Bow down because that is your life and you have no feelings, you will be going to hell because that is your god.

The last song on “Save Me From Myself” is “Washed by Blood” an uplifting song with keyboards by Head that brings a sense of spiritual awareness. “At one point in your life, drugs, depression, hurting, there will be no pain, if you are washed by blood, God will forgive your sins if you believe and run on a straight path. If you just believe in something, believe in me (God) and I will heal your pain and open my arms as you enter my kingdom. I am here for you, just believe!

Well what do I have to say about the debut of Brian Head Welch’s CD, it has some fine moments; lyrically amazing, musically astounding just a great CD to listen to. Be alone with all the lights off, put the headphones on and creep into the spiritual world of Brian Head Welch.

Band Lineup:
  • Brian Welch – Vocals, Guitars, Programming, Synthesizer
  • Jenna Welch – Vocals
  • Doug Angle – Vocals
  • Christian McCullen – vocals
  • Elijah Jurewics – vocals
  • Hailey Cooper - vocals
  • Taylor Cooper – vocals
  • Archie J. Muise, Jr – Rhythm Guitar
  • Tony Levin – Bass
  • Trevor Dunn – Bass
  • Josh Fresse - Drums


Track Listing:
  1. L.O.V.E
  2. Flush
  3. Loyalty
  4. Re-Bel
  5. Home
  6. Save Me from Myself
  7. Die Religion Die
  8. Adonai
  9. Money
  10. Shake
  11. Washed by Blood


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