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independent release (distributed by Walmart)
Mark Balogh
4.5 stars

The new record is finally upon us! There has been much talk about the band in recent years. From the allegations of using backing vocal tapes in concert, to the vocal problems of Steve Perry replacement Steve Augeri which ultimately lead to the short-lived and somewhat tumultuous tenure of vocalist extraordinaire and solo artist JEFF SCOTT SOTO. Then finally, the way the band found their new singer, Arnel Pineda via all the way from the Philippines. At times, it all seemed a little much and of course in the world of the bands rabid fans and on Internet message boards the many varying opinions ensued.

I call myself a JOURNEY fan, no doubt, but I never got caught up in the arguments and opinions on the message boards. I thought Augeri brought the band back to respectability after the events of Steve Perry choosing not to tour for the “Trial By Fire” record in the mid 90’s. No one can deny Augeri was a class individual all the way around and he gave the band eight great years and I was disappointed to see him depart. Jeff Scott Soto was brought in mid-tour as a temporary replacement before being made an “official” member with the promise of a new record to be recorded with him. Then before anyone knew, it Soto was gone almost as quickly as he arrived. After a host of fans thought it was time for the band to call it a day, guitarist Neal Schon found Arnel Pineda on the Internet and a new chapter in the long career of JOURNEY was put in place.

So here, I finally have the new disc in front of me and I have to say I am really enjoying it!

The record opens with “Never Walk Away.” The track is a full on rocker reminiscent of songs like “Higher Ground” and “To Be Alive Again” from the Augeri-led 2001 “Arrival” album. It’s got all the trademarks of modern-day JOURNEY from its catchy chorus and flawless backing vocals to the shining guitar work of Schon. It’s a nice start to the new chapter of the band.

Up next is “Like A Sunshower”, which opens with the feel of the classic “Lights”, with its mellow and “breezy” guitar. The song is maybe the closest they have come to their vintage sound in years. The piano supplied by Jonathan Cain is perfect for the mood of the song. This is a song, in my opinion, that could be a real monster with repeated listens. It’s a little bit epic and very classy and you really hear the “Perry factor” in Pineda’s voice.

“Change For The Better” is another winner with its rocky, melodic chorus much like the opening track and the keyboards supplied by Cain really bring the band back to their classic sound. Another great solo is turned in by Schon on this song also. This is one of those tunes where the chorus will be stuck with you for days.

Another rocker follows with “Wildest Dream” and it is a little more rocking and “urgent” sounding than the band has been known for. This sound is something the band did with the song “Out Of Harms Way” from their previous effort, “Generations”(2005).

Next up the band decided to re-record the track “Faith In The Heartland” from the “Generations” record. The song was the lead track on that record and one of the stronger tracks on the album. I don’t mind hearing it again as its pretty much a straight-ahead and “faithful” (pun intended!) version of the original. I just wonder why they decided to re-record it?

“After All These Years” is the first song that I believe was released to radio for this record. The song is a true JOURNEY ballad in the mold of--yes, I’m about to say it--“Faithfully” and “Open Arms”. It’s a total thought-invoking tearjerker of a tune. I thought the band did something similar on the “Arrival” record with the track “With Your Love” and it could even be compared to “When You Love A Woman” from the “Trial By Fire” album also. Sure it’s schmaltzy but it’s also good and with a little luck the band could have a hit on their hands with this track.

“Where Did I Lose Your Love” brings the band storming back with a huge sounding track with a big hook and chorus done in grand fashion. The song has a full sound and is again a classy track and to me has the feel of the song “Forever In Blue” from the “Trial By Fire” album. It’s not a full-on rocker but the sort of mid-paced track that JOURNEY is famous for.

The next song “What I Needed” is another epic sounding track with a lot of emotion in Pineda’s vocals. It’s a moody and down-tempo song that sounds like something that could have come off the “Trial By Fire” album. And be sure to listen to the solo by Schon as it is one of the best I’ve heard in a while and fits the song perfectly.

“What It Takes To Win” is another epic sounding song with a great vibe. Again, it’s a mid-tempo track but like several tracks on this record it is one that I think with repeated listens could become a real monster of a song.

Another ballad of sorts comes with the second to last track on the record. “Turn Down The World Tonight” is a piano-based tune with some more thought-provoking lyrics. I found myself really starting to reflect while listening to it. With lyrics like “help me turn down the world tonight / take a quiet moment somewhere we can unwind / losing touch we forget to take time to share what’s in our hearts and speak what’s on our minds”. It’s really great song and nice way to bring the album to a “vocal” end as the final track “The Journey (Revelation)” is and instrumental tune that sounds like something you would have heard on the 2005 Neal Schon solo record “I On U”.

All in all, like I alluded to in the beginning of this review, the new album “Revelation” is a real winner and should make (most) fans of the band very happy. If I could have given the record 4.75 stars I would have, but our rating system here at Rockeyez doesn’t allow for that, so I will stick with a 4.5, but still this record stacks right up there with some of the best the group has done. PERIOD.

Band Lineup:
  • Neal Schon – Guitars, Background Vocals
  • Jonathan Cain – Keyboards, Background Vocals
  • Ross Valory – Bass, Background Vocals
  • Deen Castronovo – Drums, Background Vocals
  • Arnel Pineda – Lead Vocals


Track Listing:
  1. Never Walk Away
  2. Like A Sunshower
  3. Change For The Better
  4. Wildest Dream
  5. Faith In The Heartland
  6. After All These Years
  7. Where Did I Lose Your Love
  8. What I Needed
  9. What It Takes To Win
  10. Turn Down The World Tonight
  11. The Journey (Revelation)


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