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Stereo Fallout
The Other Side
Hilltop Partners, LLC
Modern Rock
Mark Balogh
4.0 stars

STEREO FALLOUT is the latest offering to feature the talents of Steve Brown (ex-TRIXTER/40FT. RINGO). Brown is a multi-talented musician who started out as the guitarist in 80’s rockers TRIXTER. After the demise of that band and the change to the musical climate in the early 90’s Brown formed several bands where he not only continued playing guitar but stepped further into the spotlight as a lead singer.

Brown formed THROWAN ROCKS in 1994, along with fellow TRIXTER bassist P. J. Farley. That group released only a self-financed 4-song EP and after a few years, the group morphed into SOAKED. That band went in more of an edgier, eclectic hard pop style. They again released a self-financed CD, this time with 10 songs, but they seemed only short-lived and after that, Brown (again with Farley in tow) formed what was probably his most successful post-TRIXTER group with 40FT. RINGO. That band released a slick and fun modern melodic rock record titled “Funny Thing” in 2003, on Swedish label Atenzia Records. The album brought comparisons to such acts as the MARVELOUS 3 and AMERICAN HI-FI. In my mind, they never got the recognition they deserved and the band just seemed to dissolve (along with Atenzia Records).

Now Brown is back in a great new 3-piece act named STEREO FALLOUT and with a little luck these guys will get to the level 40FT. RINGO should have achieved. In comparison, STEREO FALLOUT is a slight bit “tougher” and even more cohesive sounding than 40FT. RINGO but the melodic sounds, strong songwriting and vocals of Brown are all still intact. There is something about Brown’s vocals that I can only describe as “comfortable.” Maybe it’s just that I’ve been listening to him for so long but I really like his vocal style.

The album opens with the rocker “End of the Girl.” The song starts out with a heavy guitar riff and the song has the sound of modern rockers SR-71 as heard on their “Tomorrow” release. The song is edgy yet remains melodic with a catchy chorus.

“Go” follows with a less aggressive approach but is still ultra-catchy. The song is a cool anthem-like rocker with lyrics like “We should go were the sun shines brighter and the streets are nicer.” It’s feel-good song with no real deep message. It’s just a fun tune!

Following that song, the band goes back to a more edgy sounding tune with “Coming Home.” The song has a great guitar riff throughout and some nice background “sing along” style vocals to tie it all together. Brown provides a nice, albeit brief, guitar solo on this one.

“Stop Calling Me” has a MARVELOUS 3 feel to it. It’s a mid-tempo tune, not quite a ballad by its lyrical content but the song is melancholy in its approach and something I could certainly see the great BUTCH WALKER penning.

The song “Stuck in the Big Life” reminds me a bit of the NICKELBACK single “Rockstar.” Brown’s vocals take on a certain cynicism but with a slight snarl to keep your attention. The guitar work is great with a “psychedelic”-influenced solo. Brown has a great tone to his guitar sound and that is certainly evident on this track.

“Shine” starts out with a mellow vocal over a simple keyboard line but kicks in with some edgy guitar before reverting back to a mellow verse. Brown sings words like “You can knock me down, spit in my face but I won’t let you walk on my faith ‘cause I’m gonna shine”. The song is uplifting and one of my favorites off the album.

“Brand New Day” starts out with an acoustic guitar and subdued vocal from Brown. The chorus is smooth and reminds me ever so slightly of some of the radio-friendly NICKELBACK singles of the last few years.

“Till The End of Time” reminds me of… ready for this… BOWLING FOR SOUP meets THE BEATLES in a dark alley! The song is 2:53 of pure pop rock! Brown has a definite knack of writing infectious tunes and it shows on this song.

“Back in the Day” is another favorite of mine off the album. It’s actually something I could hear coming off the latest BON JOVI album “Lost Highway.” It has some great lyrics about the simpler times of growing up... “From the boardwalk days, to the Red Rock skies / how we owned the world in a thin disguise”. It’s just a cool song that makes you think back to those younger times in life.

“This High” is a groove rocker with a catchy chorus and nice guitar work and the following track, “Black N Blue,” kicks in with an infectious BOWLING FOR SOUP guitar riff. There really isn’t a bad track on this record, as like I said earlier, Brown and company just have a knack for composing some great pop rock tunes. They’re all catchy and something you could hear on top 40-rock radio these days but retain enough of a bite and edgy guitar not to be your run-of-mill pop rock tunes.

The album is rounded out with the rocker “Believe” (which actually appeared on the SOAKED CD also) and the ballad “Everything I Have To Give.” The later being a song with a nice almost 80’s sounding arrangement and it’s just another great song in a record full of great tunes.

Bottom line… If you like catchy, modern pop rock ala MARVELOUS 3, NICKELBACK , BOWLING FOR SOUP and SR-71 then you should definitely check these guys out.

Band Lineup:
  • Steve Brown – Lead vocals, guitars
  • Brian Gabriel – Drums
  • Patrick Sussman – Bass


Track Listing:
  1. End of the Girl
  2. Go
  3. Coming Home
  4. Stop Calling Me
  5. Stuck in the Big Life
  6. Shine
  7. Brand New Me
  8. Till the End of Time
  9. Back in the Day
  10. This High
  11. Black N Blue
  12. Believe
  13. Everything I Have To Give


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