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Ancestral Legacy
Ancestral Legacy
Goodbye Reality
Symphonic Black Metal
7 / 10
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Back in 1995, Eddie Risdal started a group name Permafrost playing black metal in the confines of Norway. In 2000, the band recorded their first 10-track demo of symphonic black metal. More band changes in 2002 and 2003 more demos known now as Ancestral Legacy. 2004 Ancestral Legacy released their new 4-track demo “Goodbye Reality.” The band mixes sweet melodic vocals by Elin with growling vocals by Eddie Risdal. The pair makes a unique sound that Ancestral Legacy will be known. You can call it what you want symphonic black metal, gothic, to me it is some great tracks. Elin has a mellowing voice that she brings out in track-three “Murdered by Reality.” If you’re not a black metal fan, you will still like this CD. The music flows through all 4 tracks of more melodic metal than black metal. “Crash of Silence” is the highlight track, which is a dark song with melodic music backing both vocalists. 2005 could be the year for Ancestral Legacy.


Band Lineup:

  • Anton Dead - Bass
  • Børre Iversen - Drums
  • Tor Arvid Larsen - Guitars
  • Elin Anita Omholt - Vocals
  • Eddie Risdal - Guitars, vocals and synth
  • Additional lead guitar on "The last goodbye" performed by Hugo Isaksen
Track Listing:
  1. The last goodbye
  2. Crash of silence
  3. Murdered by reality
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