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Beautiful Betrayal - Beautiful Betrayal
Beautiful Betrayal
Beautiful Betrayal
Melodic Metal
3 stars

Finland is the home of Beautiful Betrayal, formerly known as The Lost. We have just received their latest demo with three tracks of melodic metal. Beautiful Betrayal crossed over from death metal to the melodic metal genre and what a good move for them.

“Really,” the first track on the demo has a soothing guitar by Jesse Hakala and vocals by Heidi that complements the balance of the song. The only thing bad about the song is that it is a little too repetitive. I think she sings, “I really wanted” about 100 times during the song. The music is great and just a change of lyric would help this particular song. Track-two “My Bleeding Scars” is another good tune but is just missing the energy to go along with the vocals.

Also worth mentioning are Juha Kokkonen’s keyboards. I was really impressed by the mellowness of his playing.The last track “Endless Morning” is a better song for Heidi vocally. The song is slow and is the highlight song on the demo.

Band Lineup:
  • Heidi Mannström – vocals
  • Jesse Hakala – guitars
  • Juha Kokkonen – keyboards
  • Ari Kilpiäinen – bass
  • Markus Lehtinen – drums
Track Listing:
  1. Really?
  2. My Bleeding Scars
  3. Endless Morning


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