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Beautiful Betrayal - Follow The Wave
Beautiful Betrayal
Follow The Wave
3.5 stars

Beautiful Betrayal is back at it again. Last year we received their previous demo, which received a three star rating. Let’s see how the band has progressed and if they have made strides to achieve stardom.

“Follow The Wave” flows well and the addition of a second guitarist Aapeli Kivimäki really makes a difference. The guitar has the sound of Dick Wagner from past Alice Cooper albums and brings even more depth to the band. “Follow The Wave” is exciting and what a change for the band! Heidi and the whole aura around the band have reached new dimensions.

In the track “Funeral Day,” the band is on fire. Keyboardist Ari Kilpiäinen sets the mood for a melodic power song. It is great that a song that is slow paced can be arranged with music that hits the heart. Everything about this song is riveting and enjoyable. Some people might get down on Heidi for her slight accent but I feel it adds to the songs brought fourth by Beautiful Betrayal.

I say this is a step in the right direction for the band and they get better with each demo. Right on!!!

Band Lineup:
  • Heidi Mannström - Vocals
  • Jesse Hakala - Guitars
  • Aapeli Kivimäki - Guitar
  • Juha Kokkonen - Keyboards
  • Ari Kilpiäinen - Bass
  • Markus Lehtinen - Drums


Track Listing:
  1. Follow the Waves
  2. Circle of Three
  3. Funeral Day


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