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Black Hill - Nasty Nights
Black Hill
Nasty Nights
Glam Rock
3.5 stars

Black Hill is bringing back the glam style of rock and roll to the masses. High-pitched vocals, great popish tunes and just some fun rock ’n’ roll is what Black Hill is all about.

Since the release of “Nasty Nights,”Bob J. Low has been replaced by Al Hard so I guess we will have to see how the band will sound when the new demo is ready. In the meantime, we have their 2004 release.

“Traffic Light” has the feel of Motley CRUE'sKnock ‘Em Dead” but evolves to more of an L.A . Guns style in the middle of the song. The vibe I get from the CD is that the band is laid back with a lack of energy from Low. Maybe Al Hard will have the spark that BLACK HILL really needs.

The songs are good, the music is good and the vocals are not bad just not energetic. I like the song “Fat Love” as it is more mellow then the other tunes and is better suited for Low. It also has a nice touch of an acoustic guitar. “Strange Days” is perfect for Low.

This is a totally kick-ass ballad and Bob J. Low totally makes this song come to life. The change in the band from pumping glam metal to the ballad is amazing. It seems that band has a different attitude with the ballad. Great tunes!

Band Lineup:
  • Phil Hill -Drums
  • Glitzie - Guitar
  • Bob J Low - Vocals
  • Mark Sicksexx - Bass
  • Al "the doctor" Hard - Vocals (replacing Low after the release)
Track Listing:
  1. Bitch
  2. Granma Glam
  3. Traffice Light
  4. Give my Money Back
  5. Fat Love
  6. Rock’n’Roll
  7. Strange Days


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