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4.5 stars

Former Drain S.T.H. guitarist-turned-bassist Flavia Canel returns with his new band Blowsight. If you want to get excited you have to check this disc out.

The term “earth shattering” comes to mind when listening to “She Devil”. It has all the right elements to gather a huge following. The band resembles Disturbed and Tool and are just electrifying. Their music and vocals push the limits of intensity that has the ability to reach different genres of music. They manage to possess the AOR vibe but at the same time hit the hardcore crunch of a festival atmosphere.

“She Devil” is a fantastic song. “Suddenly” is another remarkable track that I’d describe as curdling and melodic while at the same time punching holes in the Nu metal sound. “Intruders” just might be the best track. It has the marking of Tool, and the thumbing bass and the raw power of the vocals and guitar makes this song killer. The chorus and lyrics have a special sound that you don’t hear often.  This could and should be a number one song. The last track is a rendition of Britney Spears' “Toxic” which really rocks.

Highly recommended.

Band Lineup:
  • Niklas Fagerström - Guitar / Vocals
  • Serban Carapancea - Guitar
  • Flavia Canel - Bass
  • Fabien Perreau - Drums / Vocals


Track Listing:
  1. SheDevil
  2. Suddenly
  3. Intruders
  4. Red Eyes
  5. Toxic


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