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The Brian Black Band
Lost Loves, Friends & Dreams
4.0 stars

Brian Black A.K.A ( Bill Farley ) has been around for over twenty years fronting the New Jersey band RITUAL . Making an impact on the East Coast area and filling packed house was a stable but making to the show never really materialized. Farley continued to strive for success throughout the years never giving up on that dream and still hasn't. I got in touch with Farley about a year ago because my wife Stephanie was a personal friend of the band. Farley now Black was gracious to send a good amount of past material from the RITUAL era as I waited for the new material to be recorded. I just received the new releases from Brian Black "Lost Loves, Friends & Dreams" which is six tracks of acoustic based songs Black has a tremendous voice and just thinking why he was never signed to a major label stumps me. "Lost Loves, Friends & Dreams " is a delight with amazing vocals and great lyrics.

Black has a calming feeling with highlights of Alice Cooper to his voice. All six tracks are extremely good but if you're looking for hard core rockers don't look here. These tracks are mellow, very mellow which don't make them bad tracks. It's something you will have to be in the mood for that's why Black also included his new single "Dirty Love" which sounds similar to Alice Cooper's title song "Trash." In my opinion, sending two CD's of completely different styles shows class, because at times you're in the mood to light the candle and get close to the one you love and when you're done, you get back on and get down and dirty with "Dirty Love". I enjoyed all seven tracks and I recommend you stopping by and take a listen for yourself.

Band Lineup:
  • Brian Black - Vocals
  • Mick Gaffney - Rhythm, Lead guitar
  • Pauly D. - Rhythm Guitar
  • E.J. - Bass
  • Paul DeVeau - Drums


Track Listing:
  1. No Longer Feel
  2. In Your Dark
  3. Return to Glory
  4. Still Looking
  5. The Embrace
  6. All These Years
  7. Dirty Love


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