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Crashdiet - Demo Trax 09/26/06
Universal Records
Demo Trax 09/26/06
4 stars

Well I hope you all read the interview with Martin Sweet and here we have it. The first demos from CRASHDÏET as they start a new era minus the great one Dave Lepard. It’s hard for me to even think of CRASHDÏET without Dave but time and friendship does great healing. I’m sure thousands of thoughts went through the heads of Martin, Peter and Eric as they were deciding to continue or to branch out in a different direction. All said and done, with the blessing of the Lepard family, CRASHDÏET will continue with a true star looking over head. He shall guide you in the direction of stardom and they all will meet once again in the end as they rock the heaven as CRASHDÏET.

Once again, I wonder who will step up as the next vocal icon, the demos were sung by Martin Sweet but as you might have read in the interview, they are still looking for a lead vocalist they are hoping to find before the end of the year. Regardless, the demos are done and there here ready for review.

The opening track “Falling Rain” with the melodic guitar like in the beginning of Kiss’s “Black Diamond” conjures up thoughts of sadness, and Dave’s face flashes in and out of my memory then a aura of glory is released and I see the promise land CRASHDÏET are there in full vengeance bitch slapping you back to reality. “Falling Rain” is simply put KICK ASS. Martin steps up with chilling vocals and releases my mind allowing the flowing pearls to rise to the top. You get the full vibe of how good the band is and how the writing ability of Sweet has matured. “Screamin It Out” is true classic CRASHDÏET -- hooks, melody and acceleration. The arena will not be able to handle the excitement, the riveting slashing guitar style Sweet brings to the masses and when London adds the overload thumping of the bass I see bits of ceiling falling.

Sweet’s vocals are a mix between Bon Jovi, Def Leppard and CRASHDÏET, one thing that has not changed are the great background harmonies which brings their songs to greater heights. All the songs on this demo have the trademark CRASHDÏET sound and Sweet shines. I feel the power of healing in their music, and all I can do is wish Martin, Peter and Eric continued success with more great tunes from CRASHDÏET.

Band Lineup:
  • Martin Sweet - Guitar, Vocals
  • Peter London - Bass
  • Eric Young - Drums
Track Listing:
  1. Falling Rain
  2. Screamin It Out
  3. In The Raw
  4. Like A Sin
  5. Out of the Cold
  6. Open Your Eyes
  7. Wrecking Machine


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