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Damnation Angels - W.I.L.D.
Damnation Angels
Power Shock Metal
3.5 stars

Out of South York, England comes the next big thing: Damnation Angels. This three- piece band has a demo entitled “W.I.L.D”, which displays a great array of their musical abilities. To accompany their fine music is a unique stage show, which features spitting blood, swords, and more insanity. The “Intro” starts off with a bell tolling and motorcycles revving to lead into the first track,”Rebel Rider.” This track is a fast-paced cruising tune that makes me think of Sunset Boulevard at the height of 80’s hair metal.

Next is an epic tune: clocking in at nearly seven minutes is “Evermore,” which brings to mind Gamma Ray meets Judas Priest meets Iron Maiden. A track about a man who has lost all hope and is asking, “Where is my god?” Next up is “R.A.W”, a song that shows Kelly K. Jameson’s unique guitar skills. If I had to compare his playing, it would have to be close to Glenn Tipton’s of Judas Priest. “Thrust Action,” the last track, is filled with innuendoes- as you can tell by the title. This song is just plain fun and a total rocker filled with energy.

The production on the demo could have been better. The guitars seem to be drowned out by the drums and vocals. The drums are wonderful- the double bass penetrates through your ears. The only complaint I have is about the singer, Kelly K Jameson, who sounds like Peter Steele of Type O Negative. That isn’t bad, but really isn’t the best style for this type of music. The Damnation Angels are set for a bright future; with their unique stage show and original music, they can hit it big.

Band Lineup:
  • Kelly K Jameson - Lead vocals, lead/rhythm and bass guitars, keyboards
  • Johnny Roxx - Drums and percussion
  • Gabriel Scott - Backing vocals, rhythm guitars, keyboards


Track Listing:
  1. Intro
  2. Rebel Rider
  3. Evermore (the lost road of destiny)
  4. R.A.W
  5. Thrust Action


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