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Dark Haven - Your Darkest Hour
Dark Haven
Your Darkest Hour
Melodic Death Metal
4 stars

Don’t be jealous: just because they are unsigned it doesn’t mean squat. But where the fuck is Nuclear Blast and Century Media? What, are these labels getting soft? Get this band signed. Wake up! Pungent sounds of goth and melodic death metal are the focus of Dark Haven. “Your Darkest Hour” is kicking the asses of those fuckers at the record company, so they had better pay attention or they will lose out on this marketable phenom. The band has the ambience of In Flames with high velocity keyboards. Brennan Kilpatrick’s guitar shredding is electrifying, and with those subtle power keyboards by Kent Crisp you have harmony. Brandon McLaughlin’s vocals are raw yet melodic and bring class to Dark Haven. All five tracks are killers, and all have a special heart-pounding rhythm- so get in touch with Dark Haven and enjoy the destruction.

Band Lineup:
  • Brennan Kilpatrick - Lead Guitar
  • Brandon McLaughlin - Vocals, Bass
  • Nate Falzon - Drums
  • Amy Zion - Guitar
  • Kent Crisp - Keyboards


Track Listing:
  1. Nightmare
  2. Revenant
  3. Blackheart
  4. Inter Dimentia
  5. Your Darkest Hour


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