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Demonic Symphony - The Awakening
Demonic Symphony
The Awakening
Symphonic Gothic
4.5 stars

Demonic Symphony’s new five track demo was a pleasure to listen to; it has some cool melodies and beats. The music is dark but it is not Death Metal. The music is a mixture of gothic metal with dark lyrics.

The vocals by Darlana fit perfectly with the haunting keyboards and I really got in to this CD. “Life’s A Bitch” is a great song and has the right elements to make it to AOR radio. The music and vocals could fit into a lot of different genres of music from Hard Rock, Goth, and Symphony to even AOR.

You really have to listen to this CD to appreciate Demonic Symphony. Between the harmonies, keyboards, guitar work by Shushanoo and the arrangements of the song, it will leave you in pure amazement. Remember this is only a demo, but every track on it is fantastic!

Band Lineup:
  • Christine “Darlana” Schulte - Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
  • Tommy “Shushanoo” Gad - Lead Guitar, Programming, Keyboards
  • Julius “Julie” Wagner - Drums


Track Listing:
  1. I Owe You Pain  
  2. Life's A Bitch 
  3. Down On The Road  
  4. Roar With The Thunder
  5. The Awakening


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