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Desert - The Way To Honor
The Way To Honor
Power Metal
3 stars

Who would think a power metal band would be coming out of Israel?  It is just unheard of that a biblical country such as Israel would be echoing screaming guitars, angel-like keyboards and has vocals raw enough to rip the paint off walls. Well, in these times of trouble, the members of Desert have the proper release to ease the pain.

Their music is diverse enough to fit into the genre of power metal and gothic. Alexei’s melodic vocals mixing with Vadim’s growling vocals is a perfect match. The music is flowing and “Dead Warrior’s Legend” is the highlight track that sets fire to the disc. Max Shafranski guitar and Oleg Aryutkin keyboards hook up and explode making this song memorable in a Helloween style. “There” is another unique song where Desert change direction (in the vein of Iron Maiden) and this is where Alexei shines.

This is a good start for the band and we look forward to their full-length release. There will be a slight delay in the release due to a personnel change. Original co-founder of the band drummer Den Kovalov has been asked to leave the band because of musical differences.

Band Lineup:
  • Max Shafranski - Lead guitars
  • Alexei Raymar - Lead male vocal 
  • Vadim Shulman - Bass and rude thrash vocals
  • Oleg Aryutkin - Keyboards
  • Den Kovalov - Drums


Track Listing:
  1. More Than My Life
  2. The Way To Honor
  3. Dead Warrior's Legend
  4. There


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