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Dolly Daggers - Dolly Daggers
Dolly Daggers
Dolly Daggers
Sleaze Metal
4 stars

Oh no, not another prodigy from Sweden! How much can we take of Sweden before packing our bags to head to the Mecca of brilliance? Sweden is the market these days for just about every genre of music, and Dolly Daggers is no exception.

 DD brings it with a total ripping sound of a new age glam era. Ludvig's vocals are reminiscing of Billy Idol as he blasts the tunes. The songs are written well and all have sounds of longevity. “If I Could Dance” has a good beat and will get the crowd up and rockin’. What an opening track for this demo and the production is top of the line.

Christian Kapusta’s guitar playing and feedback echoing could be a Steve Stevens clone. Ludvig has an enticing presence, and as they work, their way to a full-length release Dolly Daggers will be shooting to the stars. If you like sleaze metal, get the demo and contact the band to give them some applause.

Band Lineup:
  • Ludvig Sersam - Vocals & Bass
  • Christian Kapusta - Guitars  
  • Maja Ljungberg - Drums  
  • Jonatan Sersam - Synth & Harmonica


Track Listing:
  1. If I Could Dance
  2. Never Ending
  3. A Face to Put On
  4. Numb


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