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Emberghost - The Anti-Scene EP
The Anti-Scene EP
4.5 stars

Emberghost delivers their latest EP of energy driven rock. This is the second EP released by the band and the first one came last year called “Meet Me on the Battlefield”.

Just let me give you data on the band. Emberghost played with Crossfade & Strata and outsold them both in merchandise sales. In their hometown, one thousand fans attended their show and on Kazaa they have had a half a million downloads. Let’s just see what’s so special about them. OK four guys and a girl, they have tattoos, nice packaging for their disc - normal stuff to me but wait - what I hear is shocking.

Is that Papa Roach? No, that is the new sensation Emberghost. Yeah Emberghost. Remember that name because this band is explosive! I liked everything about this EP. Right from that first chord it is ‘shove it down your throat and you like it or else.’ This band plays from the heart; you know how Coby Dick (PAPA Roach) veins pop out of his neck giving you one hundred and ten per cent. Well that is what you’re going to get from Emberghost. “And Spirit Rise” is a killer tune that can bring fans from Rock, Gothic, Emo, Punk, and Alternative to their camp. I enjoyed listening to the four tracks that changes direct with highs and low, melodic and power. It has it all, even brought back memories of a vintage band called the jam with Paul Weller.

“If You're Marching, Stop Marching” also brought back memories of Martika's 1989 tune “Toy Soldiers”. Go ahead and laugh because the song reached number one in the U.S. and the song was also sampled on Eminem’s 2004 song "Like Toy Soldiers."


Band Lineup:
  • Daniel Alden - Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Sean Cochran - Guitars, Backing Vocals
  • Sarah Jennings - Vocals, Keys
  • David Lindsey - Drums, Percussion
  • Daineal Parker - Vocals, Guitars, Keys, Piano


Track Listing:
  1. Fighting Like Hell
  2. And Spirit Rise
  3. My Purple Heart
  4. If You're Marching, Stop Marching


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