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Endorphine - The Future Seed
The Future Seed
Progressive Death Metal
2 stars

Progressive metal and death metal can only mix if it is either pulled off in a very fresh, unique way, or if it is done so well and perfect that it rivals the original veterans. Unfortunately, ENDORPHINE does not seem to pull it off on their demo release "The Future Seed."

Formed in 1998 by Maddalena Bellini (Guitars) and former members Alberto Fiore (Guitars) and Lapo Costanzo (Vocals), ENDORPHINE endured a series of many line-up changes. Luka Zaccariello (Vocals), Raffaele Lanzuise (Bass), and Daniele Ciao (Drums)joined the fold to complete the recording of their first demo in 2001, and their follow-up "Godmind" in 2002. Finally, ENDORPHINE got signed to Cruna Records in 2003 and Alessandro Martinelli (Guitars) replaced founding member Alberto Fiore. In 2004, their latest album "The Future Seed" was released.

ENDORPHINE writes music with a progressive death metal sound resembling a cross between OPETH and PORCUPINE TREE played at a slower tempo with detuned guitars and a lesser emphasis on keyboards. Technically speaking, each musician is talented at his craft. Credit must be given to Luka (Vocals) because he has a very good vocal pattern (singing and growling) that he keeps within his limits and works with well. The guitar work of Alessandro (Guitars) and Maddalena (Guitars) is very sound and polished, which comes together very smoothly in the transitions from the heavy to the acoustic parts. The rhythm section of Daniele (Drums) and Raffaele (Bass) adds a good foundation to the music which is complimented with a greater than satisfactory production.

However, the music itself on “The Future Seed” falls flat in the sense that the songwriting is poorly structured. There is nothing really memorable that stands out, nor does it have the spark that would add the necessary amount of emotion to heighten the dramatic points of the album. Notable tracks include “One Day,” “Endorphine,” and “Unleashed Godmind.”

ENDORPHINE is a band that has talent and potential, yet has to turn it up a notch in terms of structure, expression, and release of emotion in order to let their seed grow in the metal world.

Band Lineup:
  • Luka Zaccariello - Vocals
  • Maddalena Bellini - Guitars
  • Alessandro Martinelli - Guitars
  • Raffaele Lanzuise - Bass
  • Daniele Ciao - Drums


Track Listing:
  1. Self Portrait
  2. One Day
  3. Endorphine
  4. Makin' Me Bad
  5. A World Outside
  6. My Breath Away
  7. A New Yourself
  8. Unleash Godmind
  9. The Future Seed


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