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Fading Starlight - Crowbar Dance
Fading Starlight
Crowbar Dance
Melodic Speed Metal
2.5 stars

Fading Starlight’s new four-track EP of speed metal has jawbreaker guitar work that will shatter your brain in trying to keep up with the speed. Then you have the sweet sound of Inga Scharf trying to keep in pace while the band leaves her in the dust. I really don’t see her voice fitting in with Fading Starlight.

The music on “Black Wings of Hate” is tremendous and the guitar work by Frank Ruhnke and Sebastian Scharf is killer. Listening to the drummer, Pierre Leyendecker pounding the hell out of his drums, on these tracks totally rocks!

Although the songs are good, and Inga Scharf vocals are good (albeit not a particularly good fit with this band – maybe for a gothic metal band or another genre of music); this band is just not appealing in the speed metal variety.

Band Lineup:
  • Inga Scharf - Vocals
  • Frank Ruhnke - Guitars
  • Sebastian Scharf - Guitars
  • Florian Schulz - Bass
  • Pierre Leyendecker - Drums


Track Listing:
  1. Geddon
  2. Black Wings of Hate
  3. Crowbar Dance
  4. Six Feet Under


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