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Friction - Friction
4 stars

Friction is just an expression of two negative elements coming in contact with each other. Well Russell Arcara and Stevie D are a more positive approach to friction. Arcara and D are static electricity in Friction, letting loose a flurry of unnatural sounds not commonly known for Russell.

Russell’s past history in other groups is a mellower and more melodic sound, but he unleashes a side of himself that shows the versatility in his range. The songs are more aggressive with high voltage energy putting Friction at the harder edge of alternative music. If you’re expecting Arcara / Stevie D, as they are in their sister project, The Way, forget it! The songwriting and lyrics are trademarks, but the music on this release explores the darker feeling of the pair. Friction appeals more to me than The Way because of the harder edge; I feel the music of Friction can reach success because the direction of music fits these times.

I am quite impressed by the change in style with all aspects of both Arcara and Stevie D on this demo, the raw crunchy chords Stevie D expresses on “Sum X Love” melting with the uncanny style of Arcara makes this a killer tune. “Give Peace A Chance” will have the crowd rockin’ and singing along to the chorus but you will have to listen to the undertones on this track to get the full feel of the changes made. Friction also does a killer rendition of “Mr. Brownstone” that will knock your socks off. Who knows when and if this CD will be available? If there is an Indy label looking to cash in, check out Friction and let them sign on the dotted line.

Band Lineup:
  • Russell Arcara - Vocals
  • Stephen DeAcutis - Guitar
  • Billy Orrico - Drums
  • Hal "Benny" Selzer - Bass


Track Listing:
  1. What Do You See
  2. Building Walls
  3. Sum X Luv
  4. If I
  5. Down Moment
  6. Absolve Me
  7. Hovering Over the Void
  8. Give Peace a Chance
  9. Mr. Browmstone
  10. What


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