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Shane Gibson - Mr. Stork
Shane Gibson
Mr. Stork
3 stars

Friends, lust, love, embryo, birth, child, adult, student, teacher, prodigy, and master; Shane Gibson has made his way more then the half way point in his life. “Mr. Stork” is driven by the roots of classical melodic guitar to the heavy sounds of thrash. Mr. Gibson is making a name for himself in the guitar world as a fast clean prodigy of guitar. His latest demo is an unusual mixture of rock and fusion with melodic vocals to harsh. You never know from track to track what you will get.

“Christmas Song” shows the different styles Gibson can bring to the table. However, there is one thing that stands out on every track, the excellent chops. A former student of Berklee College of Music and student of Joe Stump, Shane is now an instructor at the music institute “Playground Music” in Florida. Shane has also formed a new band called Defable, which just finished up their first four-track EP.

The guitar playing by Gibson shines and he should be on the fast track with recommendations by Marty Friedman and Rusty Cooley. The songs really do not show the talent behind the magic Gibson possesses. They are more experimental and are a unique mentality of a genius at work. The mind of Gibson must be broken down into musical parts such as fusion, metal, thrash, rock and progressive. He is like a melting pot of genres with guitar talent not of this world. Like a ‘new age’ Primus. I see a bright future for Shane Gibson with a steel rod in his hand; Gibson should overpower the throne and will become a master.

Band Lineup:
  • Shane Gibson - Guitar / Vocals
  • Erika Kimura - Vocals


Track Listing:
  1. Emo Village Pillage
  2. Mr. Stork
  3. ME
  4. Christmas Song
  5. Cellerman Territory
  6. Stand
  7. Incomplete
  8. Seizure
  9. Perseverate
  10. Meconium Aspiration
  11. Monster
  12. Pass The God Damn Butter
  13. Kaze


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