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Gods and Monsters - Shame and Fortune
Gods and Monsters
Shame and Fortune
2006 (unmixed)
4 stars

The excitement is in the air as Florida-based Gods and Monsters relocate to LA and hook up with world renowned producer/engineer Brad Gilderman (Motley Crue, Black Sabbath, Madonna). They are finishing up their debut release, which should come out sometime in early 2007. In the mean time Rockeyez has struck up a relationship with frontman Joshua Reed as he gives us a glimpse of “Shame and Fortune”.  Hooks, glam, electronic and wrenching guitar licks in the vein of Marc Bolan and T. Rex make sweet sounds of pop culture thrive in today’s music.

Gods and Monsters gives a whoop-ass electric shock that makes you hair stand straight up as they wheel through the six tracks Joshua gave us. “Down on Getty Drive” will be a crowd favorite as its full-throttle glam vibe explores its way to the rock world and gives its best KISS drum impression a la “Love Gun.” Hatcher’s drumming brings this song to life, and the traditional KISS-style rhythm guitar tracking turns it up a notch.  I know many people will not know of the 80’s band Ruby Slipper out of L.A. - but if you do, Gods and Monsters sounds a lot like those boys. The last track is a slow melodic tune called Black Water Velvet Sky” that is a complete round about, flowing like the morning dew and a fresh breath of air. I sure as hell can’t wait for the completed product, as this is the unmastered/unmixed version. Thanks Joshua!!!

Band Lineup:
  • Joshua Reed - Vocals
  • Allen Ashworth - Guitars, Programming
  • GK Via - Guitars
  • Joe Navarro - Bass
  • Tracy Hatcher - Drums


Track Listing:
  1. Another Rock and Roll Cliché
  2. White Fields
  3. Down on Getty Drive
  4. Cold December
  5. Onward Toy Soldiers
  6. Black water Velvet Sky


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