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Grand Life Suite - Grand Life Suite
Grand Life Suite
Grand Life Suite
5 stars

I know many may have never heard the name GRAND LIFE SUITE but you better get use to it. These boys are hotter than molten lava! Their four-track demo has a couple hard-crunching songs and some killer melodic tunes.

Starting things off is “Face To Face” that has trance-like sounds that blast into a hard-edged melodic rocker reminiscent of a seductive ALICE IN CHAINS song. Love this track!

“We’re So Over” is a phenomenal rock tune with touches of brilliance. I love the tantalizing keyboards that are in the realm of SEVENDUST’s “The Past”. Cabo’s vocals are outstanding and with the close harmonies of sidekick Michael T the duo is just magical.

GRAND LIFE SUITE get a little heavier with “How Long” but still hold their classic style. These boys sure know how to write lyrics and make great sounds come to life.

On the final track “Time Alone”, GRAND LIFE SUITE out-do themselves bringing an acoustic song to great heights. This spellbound ballad sure will make the band a household name. I foresee GRAND LIFE SUITE being the next big band coming from NJ. Look out world!!!

Band Lineup:
  • Manny Cabo - Vocals, Keyboards
  • Michael T -Guitar, Drums


Track Listing:
  1. Face To Face
  2. We’re So Over
  3. How Long
  4. Time Alone


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