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Grudge's Claw - Grudge's Claw
Grudge's Claw
Tunerail Records
Grudge's Claw
Hard Rock
4 stars

The master plan for Finland’s group, Grudge’s Claw, is to rise up and take the top crowd from the throne, and pound their undeniable metal down the throats of every single metalhead in the universe. 

The four tracks on this demo (which includes a radio edition of the vibrant single “Vision Weaver”) are mesmerizing. “Vision Weaver” just tears up the basic meaning of hard rock with lead vocalist Texas possessing the presence of many different well-known front men such as Halford (Judas Priest), Udo (Accept), Masaki Yamada (Loudness), and Cam Pipes (Three Inches of Blood). The music is highly pulsating and should bring some major attention.

The one thing that sets the Claw aside from the others is the use of keyboards which adds some dimension to the songs. All four songs kick some major ass and I see no reason for these boys not to be successful. “Time Machine” is a melodic tune and guitarist Tomessey flies off into deep space shredding every note and with chants of Viking metal sounding during the chorus makes this another standout. Check these boys out right away!

Band Lineup:
  • Texas - Vocals
  • Tomessey - Lead Guitars
  • Tony Bite - Guitars
  • Hofu Black - Bass, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Ditch B - Drums


Track Listing:
  1. Vision Weaver
  2. Grudge's Claw
  3. Time Machine


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