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Hardway - Hardway
4 stars

This is truly a fantastic band. The songwriting is top notch and the music is clear cut amazing. The band could be compared to a lighter version of Foreigner. The vocals are a mix of Frank DiMino of Angel and Lou Gramm of Foreigner. Rockeyez has been friends with Charlie G. for a few years now, and not only is he a great musician he is also a down to earth person.

All three songs are AOR friendly but the highlight of the three tracks is the arrangements and the soothing voice of Charlie G. It’s funny that in the beginning stages of Hardway they were rehearsing without a vocalist. All they had to do is look under their noses – Charlie was right there, now he has taken over as vocalist. I really don’t know why Charlie did not want to sing lead vocals but I am sure if they had another vocalist it would have been the biggest mistake the band could have ever made.

Charlie is phenomenal and could be one of the best in the music business. “Holy Ghost” is a melodic tune that takes hold of your inner self and just oozes of enjoyment. The breaks in the song are perfection and the chorus is killer. Charlie, come on let us get the full-length CD, you’re teasing us with just three tracks.

Band Lineup:
  • Charlie Giardina -  Lead & Background Vocals, Bass
  • Guillermo De Medio -  Keyboards, Programming
  • Eduardo Giardina -  Drums, Guitars


Track Listing:
  1. Holy Ghost
  2. Ride On the Wind
  3. Face The Fire


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