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Heavy Water - Heavy Water
Heavy Water
Poptown Records
Heavy Water
Hard Rock
2.5 stars

Heavy Water, Poland’s heavy metal prodigy, is trying to resurrect the metal scene in the land of the iron eagle. They have a heavy dose of backing vocals with demon like growls. Lead vocalist Winnicki will remind you of Jon Mikl (THOR) with a dark eerie sound. These guys are like a mild Rammstein with down beat chords and lots of reverb.

“Dying Sunrise” is the best track on their demo. They still have the heavy backing vocals almost in a demon-like chant but the lyric and music are picked up a bit and make this song enjoyable. The guitar sounds are fair but with the production on the demo, it does not make an impact. This really is not that bad of a demo since the production does not let you get the true feel of Heavy Water. Hey it’s a start!!! 

Band Lineup:
  • Piotr Winnicki - Guitar / Vocals
  • Karol Tejchman - Guitar / Vocals
  • Zbigniew Sypniewski - Bass / Vocals
  • Marcin Ziółkowski - Drums


Track Listing:
  1. Smierc
  2. Stracony
  3. Dying Sunrise
  4. Samotny Wojownik
  5. Bez Imienia


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