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Heston Rifle - What To Do At Time Of Accident
Heston Rifle
What To Do At Time Of Accident
Instrumental Rock
2.5 stars

Frank Sinatra sang about New York, New York and Liza sung the same tune, but with the ever-changing music scene New York will never be the same with Heston Rifle. “What to do at Time of Accident” is the latest release by the New Yorkers. Heston Rifle mixes it up with the inclusion of violin and some classic guitar work, which would be perfect at a planetarium festival.

The music is almost in the vein of Tool but with the violin, hovering over the harmonic sounds, the music is unique. Their music is eerie and it bounces from ear to ear (which would be an addition to an Alfred Hitchcock movie). The music is extreme with no vocals and it was good -  but I started to lose concentration and got bored. “Sarnand” shows the musical talent that Heston Rifle is acclaimed for, but I lost track of it. The CD would make a fantastic movie soundtrack - but for me, without vocals, it is lacking direction and story line.

Heston Rifle is a great musical band and if they would add a vocalist they could be even better. The highlight song is “Bill vs. the Radio Edit” and if this song had a vocalist in the way of Maynard of Tool, Heston Rifle could be a chartbuster. They need advice to succeed.

Band Lineup:
  • Bill Oxios - Guitar
  • Brian Gallagher - Guitar
  • Jerry Chierchio - Bass
  • Victoria Pilato - Violin
  • Jerry Chierchio - Drums


Track Listing:
  1. Devices to Transcend Dreaming
  2. Can you Guess How Much that Guy Weighs
  3. Sarnand
  4. A String of Dead Words
  5. Tris Babollsa
  6. Bill vs. the Radio Edit


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