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Kid Down - Deadkidsongs
Kid Down
Atenzia Records
5 stars!

Sweden’s Kid Down just finished there their debut demo with four new tracks. They will be able go right to the top of the charts with their opening song “We’ll Make it Away.” In the vein of My Chemical Romance, Kid Down brings their game faces showing no mercy with all four songs. These guys are explosive and will not let up with melodic power chords and some amazing vocals. The songs are well written and the music is set to the highest standards. “Reality through a Telescope” has truly fantastic balance and I see no reason for the EP when these boys should have made a full length CD and stop teasing the fans with just four songs.

If My Chemical Romance can bust out of a small town like Kearny or Harrison, New Jersey - I see no reason why Kid Down can't reach the top. Ending the demo is the best song - “Portrait of a Young Man,” which even though it brings on power, it has times where the band slows down to show their expert musicianship.

Band Lineup:
  • Eric Höjdén - Vocals, Guitar
  • Jens Kristian Skjervik Anundsson - Guitar, Vocals
  • Kristoffer Ljung - Bass, Vocals
  • David Bergström - Drums


Track Listing:
  1. We’ll Make It Away
  2. Nothing More Just A Lie
  3. Reality through a Telescope
  4. Portrait of a Young Man


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