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Kill the Romance - Cyanide
Kill The Romance
Melodic Death Metal
5 stars!

This is the third demo release since 2004 for Kill The Romance and this one’s the charm. Pulmonary meltdown and Jack Daniel running through my veins, as Kill The Romance will abolish your memory with terminal delight. Swift growling vocals giving crunch time balance with those soothing melodic vocals. The new demo justifies the notion that these guys are a legit force to be reckoned with and should be signed in no time. Century Media and Metal Blade tell these boys where to sign on that dotted line.

“My Sweetest Enemy” mixes melodic death metal with high potency thrash. Antti Kokkonen and Tomi Luoma annihilate the strings and Mika Tanttu slamming the skins makes the fire in hell looking like a child in a candy store. Total whoop ass on “My Sweetest Enemy” makes this the highlight song.  Ville Hovi vocals are excellent and take this release to another level. If I had to compare Kill The Romance to anyone, it would be Scar Symmetry with the violent yet overwhelming perfection of music.

Band Lineup:
  • Ville Hovi - Vocals (Downfall (Fin)
  • Antti Kokkonen - Guitar (Drowned in Life, Profane Omen)
  • Tomi Luoma - Guitar (Drowned in Life, ex-Solacide)
  • Raimo Posti - Bass (Drowned in Life)
  • Mika Tanttu - Drums (ex-Before the Dawn, Drowned in Life, ex-Profane Omen)


Track Listing:
  1. Prey
  2. My Sweetest Enemy  
  3. Breath  
  4. Friend  
  5. Ghost With Coma


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