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Latexxx Teens - Latex (DE)Generation
Latexxx Teens
Latex (DE)Generation EP
Industrial / Hard Rock
3.5 stars

Italy has some bizarre and unique bands and Latexxx Teens fit right in there. This band projects themselves as a Marilyn Manson, Sex Pistols, or Murderdolls type of band.

The CD starts off with “Latex (De) generation” which is a killer track sounding like David Sylvain of Japan meets The Babylon Bombs. Good music, cool vocals, and the lyrics are still a bit harsh for the youngsters. But I am sure that is the main focus of Latexxx teens. This song would fit in with the first ‘Blade’ movie during the ‘blood shower’ scene.

“69 Ways to Fuck” is more punk with an industrial kick. I think this particular song doesn't do the band justice. “21st Century Rebel Idol” is a cool tune that sounds like it could be a Marilyn Manson song mixed with a bit of Pete Steele (Type O Negative). Alex Love Doll is like a chameleon -- changing from tune to tune.

“Poison Ivy” is the highlight track. It is melodic with good balance it reminds me of Alice Cooper’s song “Poison” with great melodic guitar work by Icy Teens.

All-in-all, this is a good start for Latexxx Teens.

Band Lineup:
  • Alex Love Doll - Vocals
  • Icy Teens - Guitar, Background Vocals
  • Joseph - Bass
  • Plastik Poison 69 - Keyboards, Programming


Track Listing:
  1. Latex (De) Generation           
  2. 69 Ways to Fuck         
  3. 21st Century Rebel Idol           
  4. Lipstick Terrorist            
  5. Poison Ivy


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