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Latexxx Teens - Moloko & Ultra-Violence
Latexxx Teens
Moloko & Ultra-Violence
3.5 stars

After last years EP demo “GenerationLatexxx Teens are looking for a higher ground to reach and may reach that plateau of success with their new release “Moloko & Ultra-Violence.”

First the imagine change with Love Dolls looking like Joe Elliot of Def Leppard last year , now looking like Marilyn Manson gone Gestapo is a step up. The music is much darker and I feel the vibe that is exciting. “Genesis of Te(chn)ocrazy” brings gleam and will have the blood pumping to start things off and from there is full throttle with good chorus like chants. “Machine Zeit” is just power on top of power with Icy Teens hooking up with Plastik Poison 69 almost in a heavy metal progressive move, sounding the bell for a new era in LXT. I am really surprised with the guitar work this time around with LXT being more emphasized and over the top especially with on “Machine Zeit”.

The new release is hard-core industrial with a huge jump in dimension that is unsettling. Don’t look for any ballads or slow moving songs here because LXT explodes this time around. Lex Kaos (Alex Love Dolls) vocals rip through your heart as the beats pound your head. Look for world domination with “Moloko & Ultra-Violent” as you eat through the wrapper to find GOLD!!!

Band Lineup:
  • Alex Love Dolls - Vocals
  • Icy Teens - Guitar, Background Vocals
  • La Nuit - Guitar
  • Plastik Poison 69 – Bass, Keyboards, Programming


Track Listing:
  1. Genesis of Te(chn)ocrazy
  2. Millennium Nightmare (United Shit of America)
  3. Machine Zeit  
  4. Ain't Evolution
  5. Viral SublimiNation
  6. Requiem for A Dream


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