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Livintrust - Blind Drive
One6One Records
Blind Drive
4 stars

What the hell?... I just went to the Livintrust official site and their Myspace site. I wanted to know what the fuck is up with these major record companies?... not taking anything away from One6One records with their debut artist Livintrust. These guys could be playing the main stage on Ozzyfest instead of playing clubs, lounges and colleges. Livintrust pumps out the most aggressive melodic alternative music I have heard in some time. Their songs are raw yet at the same time being able to reach AOR top rotation. What pipes on that boy Art Loomer; reminding me of Three Days Grace with more aggression in the vein of Coby Dick of Papa Roach.

The first two tracks “Weapons” and “We Are In” are killer with the arrangements, which makes them legit hits. The tunes on “Blind Drive” are written well and the music is performed with precision. Keith Caro’s pummeling guitar is employed on every song, most notably on “Sorry” as he busts out and leaves a dust trail of smoke behind. The worst thing I can say about Livintrust is that some of the songs sound alike, which is really not a bad thing if you like that particular song. But everything on this release is not about aggression check out the last track “Too Long” I think I see the women in the front throwing their numbers up to the band on this ballad. This is one fantastic debut CD by Livintrust and I see a bright future for these boys from Connecticut.

Band Lineup:
  • Art Loomer - Vocals
  • Keith Caro - Guitar
  • Justin Wade - Bass
  • Matt Christopher - Drums


Track Listing:
  1. Weapon
  2. We Are In
  3. What Makes
  4. Waited
  5. Last Fight
  6. Fall
  7. Sorry
  8. Inside Us
  9. Blind Drive
  10. She Won’t Belong
  11. Givin In
  12. Too Long


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