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LoveBone - LoveBone
Independent Release

Melodic 80’s Metal

4 stars

LoveBone is a three piece band coming out of New York. They grew up on 80’s metal and their music can attest to that.

Let’s start first with the music of LoveBone. They have released a five-track demo of 80’s-like metal tunes. The music has some great ass-kicking licks. I liked all five tracks which are vocally similar to POISON or FIREHOUSE. They even have a ballad called “Saved Myself” which is fantastic. Now if we are going by just the music, the band could have a future. But you know that today’s public does won’t go by the quality of the music alone. Image is a big part of marketing. Just think of Poison. Their music was pretty good but the image pushed them over the top. I am not taking anything away from LoveBone because as I stated I like all the tunes, they have great vocals, good riffs, and cool melodies. This is just a suggestion to the band because it has nothing to do with the music as you can see by my rating. (IMAGE!!!)

Band Lineup:
  • Chuck Heath - Vocals, Bass
  • Roy Coston - Guitar. backing Vocals
  • Keith Carroll - Drums, backing Vocals
Track Listing:
  1. B.O.N.E.
  2. Can’t Drink You off My Mind
  3. Saved Myself
  4. Inside Out
  5. Sunspot Baby


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