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Eric Mantel - The Unstruck Melody
Eric Mantel
Holistic Music Publishing BMI
The Unstruck Melody
Pop Rock Fusion/ Instrumental
3 stars

This is a very difficult CD to review because there are so many twists and turns, how you feel about it depends on the mood you’re in. If I were Mr. Mantel, I would have broken up the CD into two volumes: the bump and grind volume where you can get close to your lady, snuggle up and get your groove on, and the harder volume that’s more like being in the dentist chair getting hammered.

The music is relaxing and the suave guitar playing by Mantel excels. Mantel has multi-style talent but the closest guitarist to his style I would say is Steve Howe (Yes), especially with the track “Affectionately Yours.” The guitar playing overshadows any track that has vocals, only because Mantel can shred with the best of them and tears it up, especially on “Only Want Your Love.” I mean, you get pop sounds like the Jackson Five as well as jazz fusion like Herbie Hancock. I wouldn’t say I’m downgrading the release but I feel the drawback is the extensive variety in the track listing. If Mantel had made the A-side all instrumental and B-side all pop rock, that would be fine for some; but why should I pay $20.00 for a CD when I’ll only listen to half of it? If you have the ear for guitar this CD is right up your alley as the virtuoso-like guitar playing of Mantel is way above the norm. Personally, I got left in the dust on this one because the technical side of musicianship is above the knowledge of my dumb ass. I liked the harder tunes and the instrumental fusion tunes. Mantel is a god. “Affectionately Yours” is the highlight track.

Band Lineup:
  • Eric Mantel - Guitar Vocals
  • John Falstrom - Bass 
  • Patrick Doody - Drums
Track Listing:
  1. The Unstruck Melody / Intro Guitar & Sitar
  2. Tribute / Rock Instrumental
  3. The Simple Things / Vocal Jazzy Pop
  4. The Real You / Rock Instrumental
  5. Tai-Chi / Jazz Fusion Instrumental
  6. Shine On / Vocal Pop
  7. The Under a Different Light / Jazz Rock Inst.
  8. Merry-Go-Round / Vocal Pop
  9. Why So Lonely / Vocal Ballad
  10. Exit 10 / Rock Fusion Instrumental
  11. Intermission / Sitar & Tablas
  12. Gloria / Vocal Pop
  13. Affectionately Yours / Classical Guitar piece
  14. There Are No Words / Jazz Rock Inst.
  15. Wings of Fire / Blues Rock Inst.
  16. Only Want Your Love / Vocal Pop
  17. True Home / Vocal Pop
  18. Finger Pickn' Country / Country Instrumental
  19. The USM (Reprise) Sitar & Tablas
  20. Don't Let the Day Go By / Vocal Rock Ballad


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