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Marazine - MachiNation
3 stars

Death and destruction have visited the Chicago area in the guise of gangsters in the past, but the city hasn’t experience anything as powerful as the formation of Marazene. Marazene, which features former members of Bile and Subsonic, is breaking new ground as they tear into the sociality of ballrooms by releasing their industrial metal, which is peeling paint off the walls. Starting things off is an eerily chilling keyboard melody that breaks into a Ministry meets Manson style uprising on “Bête NoiRe.” There has been resurgence in the industrial area with new bands like Deadstar Assembly, etc... and Marazene is fitting right in there with their overwhelming power packed volume.

sKUM’s vocals sight unseen are aggressive at the mic and release a glowing enigmatic charisma. “MachiNation” is so hardcore on the track titled “MonStroSity it has a taped narration clip of Charles Manson.” and the viciousness does not stop there and never let’s up during the entire CD. I would have liked a little change in style with maybe a ballad that would show the diversity of the band (giving my membranes a rest) instead of full-blown aggression. But that’s cool because all the songs were musically intense except “tHere is BeauTy. . .” which was another keyboard melody.

Band Lineup:
  • sKUM - Vocals/Guitar
  • DieTrich - Bass/Guitar
  • Kristov - Drums
  • jEPH_sTiPh - Guitar


Track Listing:
  1. Bête NoiRe
  2. InFidel SoCieTy
  3. XecuTe
  4. A Prayer for the PaTheTic/The BirTh
  5. f wRaTh
  6. giVe (SkumF***erz)
  7. MachiNation
  8. MooGs LaMent
  9. UnCerTain
  10. AnTiThesis
  11. MonStroSity
  12. Self-WorTh
  13. (I) SeeThe/sTay aWay
  14. AlterNative
  15. tHere is BeauTy. . .


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