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My Land - The Time is Over
My Land
The Time Is Over
Melodic Rock
3 stars

Italy should be proud to earn the respect of the music community producing bands like My Land. Keyboards and heavy guitar riffs are My Land’s signature, with a big dose of harmonies. Journey fans should rejoice because the flare of sounds coming from these boys is in the same vein, but with a bit more progression. “Tears Don’t Say Goodbye” will remind you of many classic ballads with Guido Priori doing a fantastic job on vocals. I really didn’t care much for the added piano at the end of the song, which I feel doesn’t belong.

 “Stranger In A Lonely Town” has that big arena sound with keyboards similar to Van Halen-ish. Guido’s vocals are comparable to Steve Perry and Randy Jackson of Zebra and the overdubs on many of the tracks give these songs a vibrant feeling. The guitar breaks by Marco Andreasi during different stages of “Stranger In A Lonely Town” make this one of the best tracks on “The Time Is Over.” However, the blockbuster track has to be “Under The Sky” which has that trademark Warrant vocals enhanced with the strumming of the acoustic guitar. This is a great start for My Land and should land them a record deal.

Band Lineup:
  • Guido Priori - Vocals
  • Marco Andreasi - Guitar
  • Adalberto Rizzoli - Bass
  • Paolo Morbini - Drums
  • Stefano Andreasi - Keyboards


Track Listing:
  1. Love In Chains
  2. Tears Don't Say Goodbye
  3. Lost In The Rain
  4. Stranger In A Lonely Town
  5. F. Baresi (The Captain)
  6. Love Is Something Crazy
  7. Be Mine Tonight
  8. Take My Heart (When You Go)
  9. Pizza. Mafia E Mandolino
  10. Under The Sky
  11. Broken Dreams


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