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The Nastys - Good Time Gone Bad
The Nastys
Good Time Gone Bad
Hard Rock
3.5 stars

You’ve got to be kidding; Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, and band called The Nastys playing vintage hard rock. The US has been surpassed by Europe, who has been leading the way of resurgence, to bring back the great sounds of the eighties. Well, The Nastys might be getting the shit started in the US by bringing a vibe of AC/DC with a touch of Buckcherry to the public.

The raspy vocals with power chords and the hard harmonies are a staple with The Nastys. It’s sure to bring attention to them, and the US. “Nobody Rides For Free” has an anthem feel, and will have the house a-rockin’. All the songs are fast paced, so don’t look for any ballads here just true bluesy rock and roll.

Band Lineup:
  • Chad Cherry - Vocals
  • Danny Smash - Drums
  • Joey Menace - Bass
  • Dave Jade - Guitar
  • Wurm - Lead Guitar


Track Listing:
  1. Bad Doctor
  2. She Loves the Money
  3. Nobody Rides For Free
  4. F.W.W.
  5. It's Only Blood
  6. Good Time Gone Bad


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