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The Numb Ones - Everything in Between
The Numb Ones
Cleopatra Records
Everything in Between
Pop Rock
3.5 stars

The Numb Ones hail from sunny Florida. They come from the same mold as the band greenday with a more pop influenced sound. “Everything In Between” is the title of the demo and the first song. It’s more of a punk-style rocker but don’t let the song fool you, because on the next track, “Space & Time,” The Numb Ones make a full turn in direction with a melodic power ballad that sets the band on fire.

Ending the CD is “Arm’s Length” which is another melodic pop song for AOR radio. It has great harmonies with catchy lyrics. The Numb Ones include a video for “Everything In Between” and I just don’t know why they did this when the other two songs are much better. One other note to mention is that the CD is produced by Fred Coury (drummer of Cinderella).

Band Lineup:
  • Russ - Vocals, Bass
  • James - Guitar, Vocals
  • Phil - Drums, Vocals


Track Listing:
  1. Everything In Between
  2. Space & Time (Radio Single)
  3. Arm’s Length


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