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Outworld - Outworld
Replica Records

5 stars!


How impressive is Outworld -- a band that does not even have an official CD out yet and making a name for themselves as the new savior to Prog-rock. They have a line-up of talent that exceeds the best progressive metal band today.

“Raise Hell” is a magnificent collaboration of masterful arrangements that oozes of brilliance. Outworld are in the same vein as Symphony X but the twist here is the material. Outworld overhauls the standard vibes and add an element of power in the name of Rusty Cooley. Remember the name Rusty Cooley. This guy will populate the world with new guitarists looking to him for guidance. You know when everyone compares guitarists to Yngwie Malmsteen they will start thinking a little different once you have a listen to Rusty.

Rusty is the Maestro that will take the music world by storm once this CD is released. He is not the only member in the band that shows signs of stardom, check out Bobby Williamson. The way Williamson hooks up with Cooley is a heavenly sound of the highest caliber and the addition of an angel’s voice in Kelly Carpenter rounds out the band. Outworld is truly a band headed for stardom.

“Concentration Camp” is another track that just releases pleasure. The shredding guitar work by Cooley is phenomenal and the vocals remind me of Mark Slaughter. The last track “City of the Dead” is more on the Dream Theatre style being melodic yet adding the killer guitar/keyboard symphony. Look for the new Outworld CD to be released later this year.

Band Lineup:
  • Kelly Carpenter - Vocals
  • Rusty Cooley - Lead Guitar
  • Bobby Williamson - Keyboards
  • Stephen Vance - Drums
  • Shawn Kascak - Bass Guitar


Track Listing:
  1. Raise Hell
  2. Prelude To Madness
  3. Concentration Camp
  4. City Of The Dead


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