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The Perfect Alibi - The Perfect Alibi
The Perfect Alibi
The Perfect Alibi
3 stars

Being pigeonholed in Western New Mexico, I’m not sure I would say is the best place to be for making a music career as an alternative rock band “especially” for The Perfect Alibi.

 These guys are by far no mariachi band. Their almost alternative thrash style with the mix of dual guitars that The Perfect Alibi brings with Jeremy Famer/ Ryan John is what I like about the band.

The thing that impressed me the most was the unique way the opening song comes to life with the sounds of tin drums from Isaac Leyba. It meshes perfectly with the heavy riffs of the guitars. Vocally Harvey gives the essence of Jekyll and Hyde with the added growls and changing chords.

This works for me! The sound that The Perfect Alibi possess, reminds me of Pantera gone alternative. The last track, which may just be my favorite, just happens to be an instrumental and shows the many talents of the bassist Brent John with melting guitarists Jeremy Famer and Ryan John, Almost in the vein of “Walk by Pantera!

Band Lineup:
  • Charles Harvey - Vocals
  • Jeremy Famer - Guitar
  • Ryan John - Guitar
  • Isaac Leyba - Drums
  • Brent John - Bass


Track Listing:
  1. Reflexionz
  2. Frustration
  3. Sangrar
  4. Inside Instrumental


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