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Powderburn - Powderburn
Thrash Metal
4 stars

You might think Texas is for rodeos and cowboys, well this Austin, Texas band Powderburn, will change your mind. The thrash metal rockers can ride high on their new demo release. Actually, two of the songs are from a previous released demo in 2003 with one new track.

Powderburn released their first demo back in 1999 and have not looked back since. They have won countless awards from the Austin Chronicle Music Poll including “Best Metal Band” since their debut in 1999. “Hoi Polloi” is track-two, that has the vibe of a harden Anthrax with a dark down chords theme. In the middle of the song, the band starts to get melodic and slow down the pace a bit but it picks up again near the end. Track-three has lots of hardcore bass with growls and reverb. Both of these songs are from their 2003 demo.

Now let’s get to their new 2005 track called “Here and After.” I have to tell you if this is the direction the band is headed they can become a major force in the music industry. The other two songs from 2003 were good but nothing compared to their new song. This song is explosive with power chords sounding like a Wrath of Killenstein track called “Igniisis Dance.” I really like the background vocals that make this song even more special. The highlight on “Here and After” are definitely the pounding bass riffs adding to this totally kick-ass track.

Band Lineup:
  • Josh Klayman - Guitar/vocals
  • Ken Lockman - Guitar/vocals
  • Greg Enkler - Bass/vocals
  • Patrick Swift - Drums


Track Listing:
  1. Here and After
  2. Hoi Polloi
  3. Revulsion


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