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Pulse Nein - The Task at Hand
Pulse Nein
The Task at Hand
Alternative Rock
3 stars

For a band trying to get their foot in the door of a music industry where only a minute amount of bands succeed, Pulse Nein are headed in the right direction. Even though this is only a low-budget demo, it still should have Pulse Nein making a name for themselves in the underground music scene.

The opening track “Erase” is raw, but the vocals of Tim Reynolds bring the song to life, and the added deep vocals by Krawczyk give the song dimension. “Erase” is a little lengthy but good enough to hold your attention. I really like the arrangements with the overdub vocals on “Kam,” which is a more melodic song. Pulse Nein’s aggressive sensation mixing with an REM/Tool flare is the sound you will hear on “Shed,” which is my favorite track on “The Task At Hand”. All in all, this is a good start for Pulse Nein and we would like to see what the future holds in their next release.

Band Lineup:
  • Rich Pace - Bass, Vocals
  • Dr. Bonz - Drums, Vocals
  • Casiano - Lead Guitar
  • Whiskey Reynolds - Acoustic Guitar and Lead Vocals


Track Listing:
  1. Erase
  2. Kam
  3. Chunk
  4. Sound of Silence
  5. Shed
  6. Once Lost
  7. Fukstik


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