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Raiders of Rock n' Roll - Strippers & Beards
Raiders of Rock n' Roll
Strippers & Beards EP
Classic Rock
4 stars

Raiders of Rock n’ Roll has the down home feel of classic groups like Bad Company, Black Oak Arkansas, and vintage AC/DC. It is straight forward rock with good melodies. “The Raiders Of Rock n’ Roll” meshes together like a fine wine, good beat with vocals in the mold of Paul Rodgers of BAD COMPANY. The guitar work by Tyson has a hard edge and has the very noticeable influence of his father Michael Schenker of THE SCORPIONS.

“She’s The Wrong Devil” and the rest of the tracks give you a good feeling that this band could be huge. They have that aura of a unique singer named Bon Scott. Matthew goes off the boards as you sense the emotion the same way Bon took over a crowd and when Tyson’s bluesy guitar hook up with Matthew’s vocals, it’s a memory that will not fade. Check these boys out!!!

Band Lineup:
  • Matthew Taylor - Vocals
  • Tyson Schenker - Guitars
  • Phill France - Drums
  • Andy Rayban - Bass
Track Listing:
  1. The Raiders Of Rock n’ Roll
  2. Mathematica
  3. She’s The wrong Devil
  4. The Gentleman
  5. Make It Bleed


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