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Self Release
Technical Death Metal
4.0 stars

Complex now has a new name and that name is RECIPROCAL. As logic dictates this is mind boggling intricacy to the nth degree, almost as if it was siphoned from some otherworldly math equation deep in the caverns of space then perfectly translated. Hell, even reading this description alone causes your cerebral cortex to run amok, throwing it into hectic flurries of wonderment and anticipation. Technical Metal?.. Not quite. Math Metal?..nada. More like algebra Metal, minus the lame teachers and surly student council. The music is a striking hybrid of formality. Kinda like synthetically mating NECROPHAGIST and JOB FOR A COWBOY with CRYPTOPSY, not to mention its roster of musicians reads like a who's who of Los Angeles Death Metal supremacy. Amongst them-fleet fingered fretster Andrixx (formerly of DEAD BY DAY and WILLOW WISP) as well as Torrance's gift of guttural, vocal vitriol-Jacob Enfinger (ex GATEKEEPER).

The superbly challenging rat a tat tat emanating from the traps is provided by Dustin Perle who I must admit is perhaps the most awe inspiring Death Metal percussionist in Los Angeles, if not the entire western hemisphere. A virtual, living, breathing drum machine-bar none. But, enough hyperbole already, on to the music. Of primary critique is track 2 of this 3 song tornado of unrelenting cranial battery entitled “Below” which deals ominously enough with the rather unpleasant disposition of massive global upheaval by nature and new and improved beasts dominating. The lyrics in this one are fucking intense and very poetic. “Wrath” and “Aeons of Ruination” (a tech behemoth in itself) are well worth the investigation. Listen to these audio monstrosities for yourself and sulk in awe!!

In conclusion, oftentimes it's rather hard to grasp (or should I say ear canal) the searing hodgepodge of intentional tempo fluctuations that these radical musical scientists instigate, but that dear reader is half the reward. Earnestly trying to decipher their assembling codes rife with chaos and derision is like attempting to crack an unmoral crossword littered with distorted notes. 'Tis a journey indeed, only thwarted by anyone with a lack of musical appreciation. After all, brutality can be beautiful in the genetically proficient hands of mad craftsmen.

Band Lineup:
  • Jacob Enfinger- Vocals
  • Alex Crescioni- Guitar
  • Andy McLeod- Guitar
  • Dustin Perle- Drums


Track Listing:
  1. Wrath
  2. Below
  3. Aeons Of Ruination


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