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Ritual Fixx - Ritual Fixx
Ritual Fixx
Ritual Fixx
Aggressive Metal
3.5 stars

Come on! A band from Iowa with a vocalist splattering bass lines like Gene Simmons on “War Machine” and yet being played by a woman named Angel!! No way are they from Iowa I thought! Aren’t potatoes and crop dusters the big things in Iowa?   Well people, start thinking differently. Meet Ritual Fixx a three-piece band that sounds like Rob Zombie with heavy bass lines.

Ritual Fixx is all about dark music with raw gargling vocals. The band is currently working on their full- length release titled “It's a Good Day to Destroy Something Beautiful”, which should be hitting shelves anytime now.   The sound production on the demo is fair and with the new studio work coming out; it should make “Push” stand out like a sore thumb. “Push” is a killer track that could put Ritual Fixx on the map.

Chris Malone totally will destroy your mind with the pronounced vocals and catchy hooks. Although Malone is the main attraction in the band, Angel could steal the spotlight as she is the backbone of Ritual Fixx while just pounding that bass, making a heart attack second class.

Band Lineup:
  • Chris Malone - Guitars, Vocals
  • Angel - Bass
  • Mark Hagen - Drums
  • Jordan Meltzer - Guitar


Track Listing:
  1. Love Letter
  2. Victim
  3. Push
  4. Bitter
  5. Unrequitted
  6. Hate Song


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