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Dave Rock - Life in Freedom
Dave Rock
Life In Freedom
2.5 stars

One-man band Dave Rock from Sweden just released his new CD called “Life in Freedom,” and it’s chock full of 80’s rock riffs and traditional metal lyrics. The first thing I would advise for this newbie would be to get some publicity, which is needed to make an impact. Try finding some info on Mr. Rock - forget it!  His MySpace gives very little info. And even if the CD is good, you have to be your own press agent and get your material out there. You can’t be an artist that feeds your own ego and say, “Hey I got a CD out, where’s the girls?”

Anyway, the CD is out and Rockeyez is here to serve, so we checked the tunes out. The production, I must say, is very good-and not low-budget at all. Dave put his heart and soul into this project (and I am sure his bank account too) and did a fine job. Skipping over the intro Rock hits you with “Breakout,” which is reminiscent of early Judas Priest. I like the break in the middle of the song where Rock kicks into high gear, slapping a short solo.  “My Pleasure” is redolent with many classic rock band influences, such as KISS and the Pretenders, with drum tracks a la “Mystery Achievement.” The one thing I don’t feel in the songs is a hard-hitting chorus that stands out. Although the music and songs are good, the CD is too even-keeled, and the songs need to have some punch. I do like the guitar playing, which does brings the songs some life, but the vocals are flat. I was hoping for better.  Although the production impressed me, the overall listening value of this CD falls short of being good. It’s ok.

Band Lineup:
  • Dave Rock - All Instruments, Vocals

Track Listing:
  1. Intro (Dundee Wannabe)
  2. Break-Out
  3. Emmylou
  4. A Whole Lot of Action
  5. Life in Freedom
  6. My Pleasure
  7. For better or Worse
  8. Cry Out For Joy
  9. Memories
  10. Big Sensation
  11. Sinner 


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