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Tankred Best - Bashing The Strings
Tankred Best
Bashing The Strings
Metal Instrumental
2.5 stars

Tankred Best a solo guitarist project of high intensity with shredding riffs has a new CD “Bashing the Strings.” Tankred Best is a one-man band that has some great ripping guitar songs that needs to be added to a band of metal maniacs. I am not sure if the man is an ego minded person or not, I sure can tell you he can play the hell out of the stringed wood.

The songs are intense ear-splitting metal. This is not one of those instrumentals that is laid back and boring. It’s high-powered in the vein of Judas Priest. Once again, can you sit through fifteen songs of shredding guitar playing?

I love a high-powered guitarist. For me listening to an hour of straight guitar playing, is” like strapping me to a chair, having a cold drop of water hitting me on top of my head every 15 seconds just to annoy me!”

Like I said the music is “Kick Ass!” I need some direction on where the song is going. Without a vocalist, there is no story line to the songs. Well I guess when Tankred Best plays live, he says “Look at me I’m good bow to me!” FORGET IT! Know matter how good you are without a band to back; it will be hard to succeed.

We did interviews with many guitarists and we asked them” Will an instrumental CD ever make the top 10?” There answer was always NO. So Tankred Best get a band add the vocals, remix the same songs with the vocalist and you will have a killer CD.

Band Lineup:
  • Tankred Best - Guitar / Bass / Programming


Track Listing:
  1. Intro  
  2. On the Wings of Destiny  
  3. Revenge  
  4. Avalanche  
  5. Step on it  
  6. Through the Fire  
  7. Black Mirror  
  8. Labyrinth of Fate  
  9. Bashing the Strings  
  10. Supernova  
  11. Cold & dry  
  12. Tearing down  
  13. Sidewinder  
  14. Marching  
  15. Hymn


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