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Then Kame Silence - Lest We Forget
Then Kame Silence
Lest We Forget
Death / Thrash Metal
4 stars

Lots of modern metal bands take the route of borrowing traditional metal influences and incorporate technical elements into their sound. In some cases this works for the band and in other cases it fails miserably. In the case of THEN KAME SILENCE, they keep it raw and straightforward on their self-released EP “Lest We Forget” and hit the high mark.

Formed in 2004 in the Norwich, England area, THEN KAME SILENCE came together out of the ashes of several struggling local metal bands. They began rehearsing in early March of 2004 and wrote songs which would later be recorded to put together their first EP “Lest We Forget”. They have later done radio interviews, and gotten involved with filming videos for Sky Horror Channel.

Lest We Forget” is a brutal and uncompromising mix of classic thrash metal, early death metal, and late 90's metalcore with a unique and original flavor. What the lacks in technical song structures and virtuoso style instrumentation, it more than makes up for it with a raw energy that very few young and upcoming bands of today have. THEN KAME SILENCE should be put on the map with “Lest We Forget,” if not led and directed to worldwide notoriety.

The first track “Enemy” starts with an intro clip taken from the movie “Full Metal Jacket” when Private Pyle blows the Drill Sergeant to bits with his rifle. The guitars and drums come in with a blistering intro that is bound to get a pit going wild within 20 seconds. The second track “Virginal Fatality” starts with a slower intro and then breaks into a doomy, yet punishing melody. The last track “Winter Sun” is the heaviest, fastest, and best song on the album. Everything comes together perfectly and ends it on a killer note.

Vocalist Diz greatly resembles Max Cavelera (SOULFLY, formerly of SEPULTURA) and Phil Anselmo (formerly of PANTERA, SUPERJOINT RITUAL) in style. His brutal vocals (which are mostly done in the lower-mid range) fit like a glove over the compact and blistering two guitar attack displayed by Scum and Don, which give respective nods to SLAYER, OBITUARY, early DEATH, SEPULTURA, and LAMB OF GOD. The rhythm section of Jay(bass) and Pete (drummer) is as tight as any metal band can be and lays the groundwork for the extremely well crafted music.

THEN KAME SILENCE’sLest We Forget” is a must have for fans all over the world who love music that is heavy, in your face, and will bring back memories of the glory days when heavy didn’t need to be necessarily technical.

Band Lineup:
  • Diz - Vocals
  • Scum - Guitar
  • Don - Guitar
  • Jay - Bass
  • Pete - Drums


Track Listing:
  1. Enemy
  2. Virginal Fatality
  3. Winter Sun
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