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The Vaine
Regrets And Hollow Threats
Screamo Metal
Brian Rademacher
4.0 stars

Australia, the country down under, is truly a unique place in the world with some amazing talent, but hark I hear the youth causing an uprising with aggressive influences. We are talking about THE VAINE, made up of three wild girls two of which are twins Clarissa Rogan (Clik) & Stephanie Rogan (Steph) and two madmen all in their teens and barely legal. The band formed in January 2006, and in a short period of time is making a name in the extreme metal genre; Their roar is sending aborigines’ back to the outback.

The opening song “Beneath the Surface” is on fire musically, but I was a bit disturbed by the growling vocals which were a hindrance, yet the clean vocals were amazing. The song has hints of brilliance with Clik’s clean vocals stepping into the spotlight sounding like UNDEROATH. I feel Clik’s vocals are heavy enough to reach a broader audience.

“Proxinity” is a shining tune and Clik is brilliant with the magic she brings to THE VAINE. She can pull in fans of hardcore, alternative, pop and rock; but with the screams of Shelley Partridge (Shell), it might be a turn off to some fans; THE VAINE could even be considered in the death metal genre if it weren’t for Clik’s clean vocals. If they can tune down the screams a bit I think THE VAINE could be a band to recon with.

I love the aggressive musical style on “Sanctuary” highlighting the guitar work by Bilal Fouani (Bee) a little more. The “Unnamed Train Song” is the highlight song on the disc. Ripping, shredding and this is the song that makes the mix of Clik and Shell the perfect blending song that will bring success on a high level to THE VAINE.

Band Lineup:
  • Shelley Partridge (Shell) – Vocals (Screamer)
  • Bilal Fouani (Bee) - Guitar
  • Clarissa Rogan (Clik) - Guitar, Vocals (Clean)
  • Steve Blackburn (Stevey-Crack) - Bass
  • Stephanie Rogan (Steph) - Drums


Track Listing:
  1. Beneath The Surface
  2. Proximity
  3. Breakup in Bee Flat
  4. Sanctuary
  5. The Unnamed Train Song


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